Technology Leasing takes corporate responsibility seriously. Our policy does not just deal with the legal obligations we have as a company. However, also the wider moral obligations we have to our staff, customers, partners we work with and the environment we operate in.

Technology Leasing Limited has a social responsibility to do what’s best. Not just for the company, but for people, the environment and society. Key parts of our corporate social responsibility strategy focus on how we can lessen our impact and our customers’ impact on the environment. Also to help society—all while ensuring we govern ourselves in a manner that makes TLL as responsible as we can be in this world we want to protect.

Environmental issues

We respect the obligations a company has on the environment it operates in. Our company will regularly look at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and that of the customers we serve.

Carbon footprint

  • Technology Leasing are an advocate of the benefits of LED lighting technology and actively promote these benefits to our customers

  • We understand CO2 emissions of vehicles and make recommendations to clients as to how to reduce their carbon footprint via the use of fuel efficient vehicles

  • To the best of our ability, Technology Leasing are a paperless office, scanning documentation as opposed to photocopying and storing files

  • The vast majority of the company cars we operate will be chosen on their CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency

Our Office

We ensure that our offices are clean, safe and comply with health and safety, fire regulations and general heating and ventilation guidelines. If oyu would like more information on this policy then please feel free to get in touch.

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

TCF is an important element of the FCA‘s requirements and is a fundamental part of the “spirit of the FCA guidelines.” This section is about how Technology Leasing reasonably meet our customers’ expectations.

Technology Leasing, and our employees do:

  • Follow the guidelines noted by the FCA with specific regards to ensuring the product, term and price meets your needs.
  • We will outline any risks to you that we are reasonably expected to be aware of.
  • We will be honest, fair and trustworthy in our dealings with you.

Our regulated Clients – and prospect Clients – are sometimes small companies. Some people may not understand more complex financial products, terms and conditions etc.

Our employee’s can guide you, using layman’s terms, pointing out conditions. These include the need for insurance, documentation fees, yearly admin fees, options at the end of the agreement term.

Our employee’s have to clearly tell regulated prospects the financial aspects to the agreement:

  • The advance rental, if applicable.
  • The term in months of the agreement, rental amount and rental frequency.
  • The agreement documentation fee.
  • Any yearly administration charges if applicable.
  • The need to confirm to the Finance Company if or if not they have insurance. Also that a Finance Company may add cost onto the lease to cover an insurance policy.