Assets we finance here at Technology Leasing

Assets we finance here at Technology Leasing

Here at Technology Leasing, there is a range of assets we can finance. This includes most technical equipment including artificial intelligence, apple solutions and media equipment. For over thirty years we have been working with suppliers of technology equipment. We have assisted many thousands of companies with their leasing and business finance needs. If you are unsure of what we can finance here at Technology Leasing, then look no further! Below is a bit more information on a handful of the assets we finance. If you would like to find out more on all the assets we offer at Technology Leasing, then please visit our assets page.


One of the most important things we offer finance for is Software. Instead of buying the software itself, companies purchase the licence for a pre-agreed period of time or for perpetual use. Organisations like Microsoft or Sage only grant us a licence to use their software. This is because they own the source code and intellectual property rights in it. Here at Technology Leasing we understand how important software can be to a business. This is why we work with a range of finance companies who are comfortable financing software to a number of companies.


No matter what business you are, whether you are a new start-up or an already well-established company, laptop leasing and financing is the best way to ensure that your business has the best resources available. This adds value to your business and makes it more successful. Due to recent events over the past couple of years, more and more companies are asking colleagues to work remotely. Your laptops therefore need to not only be up to date to be at the forefront of technology, but to also ensure cyber security is at it’s best.

Audio Visual Equipment

Audio visual equipment can cover a range of items. This includes everything from single projectors to the kitting out of a multiplex cinema. Due to our team of knowledgeable and professional individuals we are confident we can help you whatever audio-visual equipment you are looking for. All organisations, including cinemas, schools and many more can take advantage of our audio-visual finance solutions. Leasing your audio-visual equipment is a visionary choice! It allows you to have the most up to date equipment solutions. This is whilst spreading the cost of your investment over 3 to 5 years.

Apple Solutions

Here at Technology Leasing, we believe that your technology should always be of the best quality and always be up to date. A company that moves with the times, and even invents new and exciting products is Apple. As a leading technology organisation their products are at the forefront of the industry. We are now proud to say that we are able to finance them for you and your business. This is important as they are essential products for any UK business.

Energy Efficient Technology

Here at Technology Leasing we understand the importance of wanting to reduce carbon emissions. This is why we now provide financing for more sustainable forms of energy. This includes looking for funds to purchase or install new equipment, or upgrade existing systems. This also applies to funding for small assets all the way through to large scale sustainable projects.

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If you would like more information on what we can offer you and your business, then head over to our contact page on our website to speak to a member of our team. Furthermore, if you would like to talk to us over the phone then please call 0116 243 8822 or email us on By additionally offering such a wide range of assets to finance we are confident we can help you meet your finance needs here at Technology Leasing, whatever they may be!

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